Lessons Learned from Momma (Part 1)

canstock3340434[1]Labor Day weekend, 2011, my then 87 year old Mother was with me, in Atlanta, along with my husband, our children and grandchildren. That Saturday night ‘us girls’ (Momma, two of her granddaughters, one of her great-granddaughters and me) went to eat sushi. What a wonder-full evening we had!!!  It was Momma’s first time eating sushi.  Seeing her use chopsticks, while eating seaweed salad and various sushi rolls, was sheer joy and just down right fun!!  We all laughed SO MUCH!!  And ‘us girls’ walked away so enriched by the experience.

Thinking back on that evening, I am again amazed at this wonder-full woman! Momma is one of six children (actually the youngest) and the only one still living.  In fact, she has lived the longest.  Though her hair is gray and she has grown shorter and a bit more fragile, she awakes to each new day – – full of life, growing and looking forward to living.  And that evening, in her usual way of grabbing hold of the new, Momma refused to be boxed in by the unknown.   Instead, she mastered the use of chopsticks, dug in and by the end of the meal, had made eating sushi ‘old hat’.  I am SO inspired by her!! Her zeal for life has taught me more than I will probably ever know.  

Today, in thanksgiving to GOD for anointing and consecrating me with HIS purpose and for the example of my Momma, I am relaunching this website – – with a renewed commitment to fulfilling my GOD given purpose and destiny, and helping others do the same.  You and I have been called for such a time as this.  It’s time to rediscover WONDER-FULL YOU – – it’s time to fulfill your purpose and destiny.  

For the inspiration she brings to my life and for her love of living, I dedicate the first of many ‘Lessons Learned’ I hope to publish in the future, to my Momma – – truly a WONDER-FULLY AMAZING woman!! 

Your challenge:  There’re more lessons learned!  Check out Part 2 in this series and remember to take time today to give at least one amazing person in your life a GREAT big hug (virtual hugs do count)!

Be you and have a wonder-full day,

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 You’re full of wonder! That’s what GOD said, when HE made WONDER-FULL YOU!!

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