DSC05891aHi! I’m Sharyn Baker and I am thrilled you stopped by!

I am a certified personal life / business coach. My focus is on transformational coaching – – dealing not so much with behavior changes, but with instilling a change of mind about how you see yourself and helping you rediscover your true identity.

My passion is to see you embrace all the possibilities of just being wonder-full you – – the real you that’s full of wonder – –  the one who refuses to settle for living a life of self-imposed limits that keep you ‘boxed in’ by wrong thinking, the opinions of others, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, insecurities and a whole lot of other ‘baggage’.

‘Grow Unlimited!’ was founded from my own personal journey of breaking out of the boxes in my life, to grow and live life unlimited.  You see, I’ve come to understand that my life is SignificantPurposeful, Intentional, Relevant, Incomparable and Timely.  And I know the same is true of you!  Quite simply, the goal of ‘Grow Unlimited!’ is to see you fulfill GOD’s call in your life, as only you can do.   I’m here to help you restore identity, discover potential, define purpose, release destiny and infiltrate your given territory – – to inspire and encourage; to equip and empower you to live intentional and on purpose.  This is done primarily through coaching (both individual and group sessions are available), mentoring and postings here on our site.   I also host and facilitate regularly scheduled Gatherings, as well as, one to two day conferences (posted on our ‘Events’ page as they become available).

So, please, do take time to browse the site and contact me to find out more. I look forward to seeing you rediscover who you REALLY are and embrace all the possibilities of being WONDER-FULL you!

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What’s my personal mission:  I am committed to growing unlimited and helping you grow unlimited!!!


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